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SUSU/AX the only program in Thailand that incubates startups from CLMVT   

 With the great success of the CLMVT Forum 2018: CLMVT Taking-Off Through Technology that has the main objectives to strengthen the shared prosperity in line with sustainable development principle and to build regional networks among entrepreneurs of new economy.

Guided by the main theme “CLMVT Taking-off Through Technology” and the focus on encouraging the business to engage in technology and be able to scale up their businesses in the region, Scale Up Bootcamp for Startups: Series-A Experience (SUSU/AX) has been created.

SUSU/AX is initiated by Trade Policy and Strategy Office (TPSO), Ministry of Commerce, Thailand in collaboration with Thammasat Business School (TBS) to strengthen entrepreneurs in new economy from CLMVT. The program aims to equip them the framework for designing new business models to cover the CLMVT market. In addition, UX/UI design for better customer experience and fundraising are workshops to accelerate startups’ jump-off.

About Scale Up Bootcamp for Startups: Series – A Experience (SUSU/AX)

            To establish the collaboration among young entrepreneurs of new economy and build the ecosystem to scale up their business, the program focuses on 4 essential tracks including define the real customer, design customer experiences, deliver the solid fundraising plan and develop collaboration to give participants the opportunity to dive deep into their connectivity and discharge their full potential to climb up from the valley of death. All covered by 11 carefully designed sessions of speeches, workshops, and activities. The program incubated startups executives or entrepreneurs from CLMVT (21 Teams 63 people in total).

The program also has the highlight activity which is The Pitching. Funding is available for these 3 ranks;

1st Place – 100,000 THB

1st Runner Up – 50,000 THB

2nd Runner Up – 30,000 THB

Furthermore, all the startups' team will have a chance to proceed into the incubation program from our partner, True INCUBE or got invested by Bangkok Venture Club.

The Result

The pitching competition winner is

1st Place – Edu2Review, an educational evaluation platform and bookings, from Vietnam

1st Runner Up – RecyGlo, an Innovative recycling solution service, from Myanmar

2nd Runner Up – Vinagao, a subscription-based essentials delivery service, from Vietnam


Furthermore, the program’s aim for connecting people and creating collaboration among startups from the region is achieved through 31 signed collaboration MOUs which cover technical and market collaborations plus co-design platform and investments.

Next step of SUSU/AX

            SUSU/AX also plans to develop its regional model. Each country from CLMVT will agree to create its own SUSU/AX local chapter to eventually select the startup teams to join SUSU/AX @Bangkok. This regional platform will start in Vietnam first.